1,001 Street Fighting Secrets: The Principles Of by Sammy Franco

By Sammy Franco

This exhaustive choice of streetfighting secrets and techniques covers each element of writer Sammy Franco's eclectic, no-nonsense procedure of self-defense, from education and conditioning, the attributes of strive against, and strategies and techniques to really expert parts reminiscent of grappling, stick battling, knives and firearms.

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You Page 45 FIGHTING FORM then further attack to your left with your left elbow. PHOTO NO. 263. R E L E A S I N G O N E S E L F F RO M A WA I S T H O L D : Turning my body back to the N. I rake my finger bails across my stomach. PHOTO NO. 264. The finger nails are in the nail beds of the attacker's fingers. A164. I then turn my upper body and attack him with my right elbow. PHOTO NO. 265. He might try to pick up his foot to retreat. I drop to the ground with both of my palms and kick upward with my right foot into his groin.

205. U S I N G S P R I T E LY F O OT WO R K TO RAISE HIS ARM TO A T TA C K H I S G RO I N : I now perform exactly the same movements as before only in reverse and facing the N. the same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. I end up facing the N. with my left foot forward and my left palm striking. PHOTO NO. 206. TA K E T H E G O L D E N T R I P O D I N R E V E R S E : This is the exact same movement as before. The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse.

A155. You Page 41 FIGHTING FORM now kick him into his mid section with your left back kick. PHOTO NO. 247. If he jumps back to avoid the kick, follow with another cross leg, PHOTO NO. 248 and step with your left foot to behind his right leg and opening your arms knock him over your left leg. Facing the S. PHOTO NO. 249. A156. B E A R S P I N S A RO U N D TO WA R D O F F T H E BEES: (Opposite) With your left leg forward and facing the S. take your right palm under your left arm and swivel around to the N.

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