A Womanist Pastoral Theology against Intimate and Cultural by Stephanie M. Crumpton

By Stephanie M. Crumpton

This booklet is set Black women's look for relationships and encounters that aid therapeutic from intimate and cultural violence. Narratives offer an ethnographic photograph of this violence, whereas elevating matters over even if present paradigms for pastoral care and counseling are congruent with what percentage Black ladies method healing.

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My aunt [name omitted] was crying. And my mother told [name omitted], she confronted him about what happened. And she told him that he was not welcome in our home anymore. Tamara was three years old when her older cousin molested her. It was many years later, when she was in college and working at a shelter for battered teenage girls, that the fuzzy edges around these memories sharpened and the molestation came into focus. ” The suppressed memories had been there all along. An alienating sense of shame came along with the clarity that an older cousin had molested her and it created a tension between who she had previously known herself to be, and the image of herself that was taking shape in light of this new awareness.

Stephanie: Didn’t that hurt? Cirene: It was just a pinch, I mean, but it was just something about it—something about saying I wanted to do something that was just so out the box and actually doing it—it was such a rush. Even though Cirene and her mother were able to talk, her mother was slow to accept her lesbian identity. This was a stumbling block in Cirene’s connection with her mother, and as she grew older, it became the underlying impetus for Cirene to seek out connections with other women (mentors, therapists, other women in the community) who could embrace her fully.

As an African American woman coming of age in the socially conservative fifties and sixties, she took pride in the fact that she never lived with a man who wasn’t her husband. It was a way to lay claim to and honor herself as a mother in spite of how others may have judged her. Even with her self-determination to honor the mother that she was, she still felt tension over the painful consequences of her intimate decisions, a tension compounded by social expectations of what constituted good mothering.

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