Abd al-Malik by Chase Robinson

By Chase Robinson

'Abd al-Malik, who got here to prominence throughout the moment civil battle of early Islam, governed the Islamic empire from 692 until eventually 705. not just did he effectively suppress uprising in the Muslim global and extend its frontiers, yet in lots of respects he based the empire itself. by way of approximately seven hundred, the varieties of a brand new realm, which stretched from North Arica within the west to Iran within the east, has taken transparent form with 'Abd al-Malik at its head. This ebook covers the beginnings and upward push to strength of this immensely influential caliph, in addition to his non secular guidelines and recommendations, his monetary, administrative and army reforms, and his legacy, together with the Dome of the Rock, the oldest surviving enormous development erected through Muslims.

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Mu‘awiya Governor in Syria for ‘Uthman and then caliph (r. 661–680). Muhajirun ‘Emigrants’ – those who emigrated with Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. Mukhtar Rebel during the Second Civil War. Mus‘ab b. al-Zubayr Brother of Ibn al-Zubayr; governor of Iraq. Shabib b. Yazid Kharijite rebel in Iraq. Sufyanids Family of the clan of Umayyads who ruled before the Marwanids. ‘Umar Second caliph (r. 634–644). ‘Uthman Third caliph and first Umayyad to rule (r. 644–656). al-Walid b. ‘Abd al-Malik ‘Abd al-Malik’s son and successor as caliph (r.

No contemporary could have predicted it. That the collapse was so catastrophic suggests that succession was not the only problem. Strong states survive the transfer of power; weak polities frequently do not. What were the weaknesses in the Sufyanid polity? and there was great peace in the regions under his control,” as one seventh-century Christian writing in northern Iraq put it (Robinson, 47). The secret of his success seems to have been laissez-faire patrimonialism rather than robust state building: he may have thrown up a palace or two, and he may even have dabbled a bit in striking some coins.

Umar Second caliph (r. 634–644). ‘Uthman Third caliph and first Umayyad to rule (r. 644–656). al-Walid b. ‘Abd al-Malik ‘Abd al-Malik’s son and successor as caliph (r. 705–715). Yazid b. Mu‘awiya Mu‘awiya’s son and successor as caliph (r. 680–683). CHRONOLOGY 645 Birth of ‘Abd al-Malik 661 Accession of the caliph Mu‘awiya in Syria 680 Death of Mu‘awiya; succession of his son, Yazid; death of ‘Ali’s son, al-Husayn 683 Civil war begins; Battle of Harra; death of Yazid 684 Acclamation of Marwan as caliph in Jabiya 685 Acclamation of ‘Abd al-Malik as caliph; al-Mukhtar rebels in Iraq against Ibn al-Zubayr 689 Defeat and execution of ‘Amr b.

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