Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films by Kash L. Mittal

By Kash L. Mittal

This e-book chronicles the court cases of the 1st foreign Symposium on Adhesion features of skinny movies held below the auspices of MST meetings in Newark, New Jersey, October 28-29, 1999.

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Ii) Further increases in bombardment result in a complete relaxation of tensile stress, build up of compressive stress to a maximum followed by a gradual relaxation. The universal nature of this trend was revealed in three different experiments: decreasing Ar pressure in sputtering, increasing substrate bias and post-deposition ion-irradiation. , self-interstitials and entrapped Ar) that effectively add free volume in the plane of the film. (iv) Maximum values of tensile and compressive stresses are limited by the film yield strength.

5 GPa. The relatively large error range is due to the uncertainty in the saturation value of fFD. 1 GPa. Finally, we note that the compressive saturation stress is higher than the maximum tensile stress (Fig. 2). If the maxima in residual stress are defined by the film yield strength, this implies that the yield strength of films processed under conditions of high bombardment is higher. The model for yield strength shown in Fig. 7 defines the yield strength through the Orowan bowing stress with grain boundaries as the obstacles.

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