Advanced Kick Boxing (Martial Arts) by Pat O'Keefe

By Pat O'Keefe

Designed to be simple and transparent, this can be a accomplished guide on kick boxing. It seeks to give an explanation for every little thing a kick boxer must recognize to increase complex talents within the activity.

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2) How accurately you can hit him. 3) How durable he is. 4) Correct technique selection. 5) Timing. Target Selection Any doctor will tell you that if you hit a person anywhere in the head with sufficient force, you can cause a concussion. Further, any sufficiently strong blow to the body can cause winding, nausea or broken ribs – all of which can put your opponent out of the game. A man who conditions his body well will be able to withstand considerable punishment and may still manage to fight when hurt, especially if he is well motivated.

Fig. 59) Fig. 57 50 Sweeping Fig. 58 Fig. 59 51 Advanced Kick Boxing Spinning Heel Kick/Spinning Sweep This is an ambitious combination, but not beyond the reach of a skilled exponent. Timing, power and a strong commitment are necessary. 1) As your opponent throws a rear leg kick (or side or roundhouse kick) withdraw your lead leg. (Fig. 60) 2) As the kick passes you, turn into a spinning heel kick. (Fig. 61) 3) If your opponent ducks to avoid the kick he has settled his weight perfectly for you to launch a fast, strong spinning sweep.

53 Fig. 54 48 Sweeping Fig. 55 Fig. 56 49 Advanced Kick Boxing Lead Leg Front Kick/Sweep as a Counter 1) As your opponent throws a right cross, throw a lead leg front kick stop-hit. (Fig. 57) 2) Move in fast and throw a deep sweep to his back leg with plenty of follow-through. (Fig. 58) The stop-hit works because in order to throw the cross, your opponent has to turn towards you, thus exposing his body to a snap lead leg front kick. If delivered strongly enough this will jar him and make him very vulnerable to the sweep.

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