Advances in rock dynamics and applications by Yingxin Zhou; Jian Zhao

By Yingxin Zhou; Jian Zhao

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Zhou, Y. T. : Rock dynamics research related to cavern development for ammunition storage. 513–526. B. : Experimental study of ultrasonic wave attenuation across parallel fractures. 87–103. B. : Keynote: Recent studies of rock dynamics for underground development. 1–25. , Zhao, J. : P-wave transmission across fractures with nonlinear deformational behaviour. 1097–1112. G. : UDEC modelling on wave propagation across fractured rock masses. 97–104. , Zhang, Y. : Analysis of deformation localization and the complete stress-strain relation for brittle rock subjected to dynamic compressive loads.

1). Upon reaching the bar-specimen interface, part of the incident wave is reflected as the reflected wave −εr and the remainder passes through the specimen to the transmitted bar as the transmitted wave −εt . 1 Schematics of a split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) system and the x-t diagram of stress waves propagation in SHPB. A 25 mm diameter SHPB system is used in this study. The length of the striker bar is 200 mm. The incident bar is 1500 mm long and the strain gauge station is 733 mm from the impact end of the bar.

For example, the Numerical Manifold Method (NMM) (Shi, 1991) was developed to integrate DDA and FEM, the FEM/DEM method (Munjiza, 2004) is designed to couple FEM with DEM, and the Particle-based Manifold Method (PMM) (Zhao, 2009) was proposed to combine DLSM and NMM. The coupled method is capable of capturing both the pre-failure and the post-failure behaviour of rock materials. However, its implementation is difficult and no commercial codes are available now. , NMM (Shi, 1991), Y2D (Munjiza, 2004), m-DLSM (Zhao, 2010).

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