American Civil War Reference Library Vol 4 Primary Sources by Kevin Hillstrom; Laurie Collier Hillstrom; Lawrence W Baker;

By Kevin Hillstrom; Laurie Collier Hillstrom; Lawrence W Baker; U-X-L (Firm)

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You know something about it, now. Don’t tell me,—I know you do. I saw the gal stretched out here about ten o’clock, and ag’in at twelve, and American Civil War: Primary Sources ag’in between one and two; and then at four she was gone, and you was a sleeping right there all the time. ” “Well, Mas’r,” said Tom, “towards morning something brushed by me, and I kinder half woke; and then I hearn a great splash, and then I clare woke up, and the gal was gone. ” The trader was not shocked nor amazed; because, as we said before, he was used to a great many things that you are not used to.

Who is most to blame? The enlightened, cultivated, intelligent man, who supports the system of which the trader is the inevitable result, or the poor trader himself? You make the public statement that calls for his trade, that debauches and depraves him, till he feels no shame in it; and in what are you better than he? Are you educated and he ignorant, you high and he low, you refined and he coarse, you talented and he simple? In the day of a future Judgment, these very considerations may make it more tolerable for him than for you.

No grander opportunity was ever given to any nation to signalize, either its justice and humanity, or its intelligence and statesmanship, than is now given to the loyal American people. We are brought to a point in our National career where two roads meet and divert. It is the critical moment for us. The destiny of the mightiest Republic in the modern world hangs upon the decision of that hour. If our Government shall have the wisdom to see, and the nerve to act, we are safe. If it fails, we perish, and go to our own place with those nations of antiquity long blotted from the maps of the world.

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