Ancient Bloodlines (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf)) by White Wolf

By White Wolf

Remnants of a long time Past

The Blood isn't really stagnant. It alterations with the days, whether the Kindred that hold it do not. each epoch ends up in new variations of the 5 clans. a few of them die out once they are not any longer precious, yet others keep it up, even to the trendy nights. a few were forgotten. a few are able to reclaim what they've got misplaced. All continue items of the cultures and occasions that created them.

Weapons for the Present

Twenty new bloodlines, in accordance with the old flashpoints provided in old Mysteries
New Disciplines, Devotions, factions, antagonists, mysterious areas and various different ideas of Vampire chronicles
Two new kinds of blood magic - Haitian Kindred Vodoun and Sumerian Mérges Sorcery

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And then, like that, they were all gone. Dead, because she and the others couldn’t protect them (couldn’t even protect themselves, truth told). It was traumatic, and it changed her. Back in towns and cities, she found she could stand in a crowd of humans White Hats The reality is, the Shepherds aren’t the “good guys” just because they keep humans safe. They’re basically just pragmatic predators, tending to the flock the way a cautious drug dealer keeps his customers from killing themselves so that they can continue to indulge their addictions.

Vampire hunters arise. The herd knows it’s being hunted. The Masquerade shudders and fractures. The Shepherds seek to stop this wanton disregard for the herd. And so they do what seems anathema to many Kindred: they protect the humans from vampiric excess. Parent Clan: Gangrel Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Protean, Resilience Nickname: Watchers, Herders 36 ancient bloodlines Weakness: In addition to having to endure the normal Gangrel weakness (p. ” This doesn’t actually bring them any closer to humanity, but instead casts them further from their own people and nature.

These entities were released, from the prisons and vows binding them, by the demon king Ravana, through his own rebellion against the gods and the strictures of the universe’s ordered adherence to dharma. It was a time of great terror and strife in Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, the horror fueled by the fact that many of the mightiest demons were pious enough to have achieved divinely which protected them from death except by specific circumstances. Such was the case of the shapeshifter buffalo-demon Mahishasura, whose piousness and prayers to Brahma had been rewarded with a body that could not be slain by any man or god and who achieved the conquest of Heaven as a result.

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