Angels of Darkness (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Space Marine by Gav Thorpe

By Gav Thorpe

Whilst darkish Angels Chaplain Boreas captures and interrogates one of many Fallen, the previous collides with the longer term with tragic consequences.

The darkish Angels area Marines are among the main religious of the God-Emperor's servants. Their loyalty is apparently past query and their religion virtually fanatical. but the bankruptcy harbours a depressing and bad mystery that stretches again over 10000 years to the time of the Horus Heresy. while darkish Angels Chaplain Boreas captures and interrogates one of many Fallen, the previous collides with the long run with tragic results.

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Asked Boreas. 'Negative, there have been no abnormal communications today,' Zaul replied after a moment. ' 'Connect me through to the headquarters of Colonel Brade,' commanded Boreas, activating the turret control systems. As the motors whirred into life, the comm crackled as Zaul fed it through the main aerial that towered from the centre of the keep. Manipulating the controls with one hand, he directed the emplaced gun to rotate towards the north, while he watched the longrange sensor screen.

Perhaps your continual persistence with this matter indicates other reservations,' suggested Boreas. ' 'I see the numbers of aspirants dwindling, and it causes me concern, that is all,' Damas replied calmly. 'I feel it is my duty to remind you of the options available to us. ' 'Perhaps it is their similarity to the tribes of Slathe that burdens you,' Boreas said. ' asked Damas with a frown. 'Yearn is too strong a word, I do not for a moment doubt your loyalty to the Dark Angels,' Boreas replied.

The crowd stood silently watching the Space Marine, casting glances at each other. 'But we are afraid, my lord,' the port worker told Boreas. ' 'And I am here to protect you,' Boreas assured them. 'My brethren and I are here to watch over you, to guard you from danger. I stand here as a representative of the Dark Angels, a warrior of the Emperor, and I am here to remind you of the sacred oaths that bind our fate to yours. I renew that pledge here and now! ' someone called out, a tall woman with blood in her blonde hair and a gash down the side of her face.

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